Freelance Fashion & Arts Journalist // Managing Editor @ Le Mile

Fashion and art are two of my great loves and they have been since I was a child. One of my earliest memories is fawning over a Chanel tweed jacket and Louis Vuitton Speedy in my mother’s closet. There is something about the LV monogram and those two interlocking C’s that profoundly touch my heart; to me, they are perfect. 

Growing up, I was also surrounded by my parent’s vast art collection chock-full of creepy dolls courtesy of Dana Holst and Wally Ballach. Initially, they scared me, but as I got older, I began to respect them and the artists that brought them to life.

Somewhere between high fashion and art that was misunderstood, there was me trying to piece it all together. Illogically (or so it seemed), I graduated from university with a degree in criminology. Though I didn’t pursue a career in this field, it helped me understand who I am and what I’ve always loved: looking beyond the surface, whether it’s a person, painting, or even a purse.